Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather Information

In the event of inclement weather we have various contingency plans that can be used including shortening games and rescheduling games our intent is to always to play every game of the Tournament

4/27/2023 - 10:00am;  At this time we plan to play all games as scehduled

4/28/2023 - 10:00am;  At this time we plan to play all games as scehduled

4/28/2023 - 3:00pm: We are currently evaluating fields we will have a final answer of Fridays Schedule no later than 4:00pm today.

4/28/2023 - 4:00pm:

All games for Friday, April 28, 2023 are cancelled.

We are currently working on a new schedule for Saturday and will post it to our website and Exposure Events as quickly as possible.

It is our intent to play both Friday and Saturdays on Saturday.  This will involve shortening the games time to a maximum of 1:45 minutes in order to create another time slot for Fridays cancelled games. Additionally, it is likely that 2 of our fields will not be ready to play until noon tomorrow so a few games will be moved to Sashabaw Plaines one of our backup fields.  Directions to Sashabaw are available on our Website.

We expect to have the new tournament schedule posted by 6pm tonight.

Thanks for being patient during this process, we are still hopeful that all games will be played.


4/29/2023 - We are currently evaluating field conditions we will post an update as quickly as possible


4/29/2023 7:15am - All games on as scheduled  Play ball!

4/30/2023 9:00am - We are planning to start games as close to 10:00am as possible.  If the rain has not moved not by 10:00am, start times may be delayed.  Please be patient with us as we work through this challenging weather.

4/30/2023 9:30am - All games are pushed back another 2 hours.  Weather permitting we will begin todays games at 12:00pm.

If the rain continues past 11:00am this morning it is likely that we will cancel for the remainder of the day.  An update will be posted around 11:00am this morning.

Thank you for your continued patience.



4/30/2023 11:00am -

All games are on!  We will start at 12:00pm with the first game of the day.  Game times are as follows:


Original Start Time 8:30am – Starts at 12:00pm

Original Start Time 10:45am – Starts at 2:00pm

Original Start Time 1:00pm – Starts at 4:00pm

Original Start Time 3:15pm Championship – 6:00pm


As a reminder, warm up in the outfield only, please do not go on the infields until the game starts, thank you


If fields and teams are ready to go prior to game times we will start early.




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