Tournament Rules


2018 Tournament Rules

  1. All tournaments shall be played under USSSA Baseball Rules, except as noted below.

  2. Team insurance and a completed USSSA roster is mandatory.  Please submit both of these documents as outlined in the Coach Checklist section of this website.

  3. The point system will be in effect:  two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie.

  4. Two hour time limit on all games, except the championship game.  No inning shall begin after two hours.

  5. Ages 8 – 12 will be 6 inning games.  All other ages will be 7 inning games.

  6. Fifteen run mercy after (3) three innings.  Eight run mercy after (4) innings.

  7. There will be no pre-game batting or infield practice.

  8. The Tournament Director reserves the right to amend any rule, schedule, diamond location, format, to accommodate time constraints, weather situations, etc.

  9. All participants are competing at their own risk and by participating agree to hold Michigan USSSA, Clarkston Youth Baseball Organization, all Tournament Officials, all facilities and their owner and directors, all umpires, and directors harmless from any liability resulting from participation in the tournament.

  10. There will be no limit on innings pitched for the tournament.

  11. 8U, 9U Division Only – May not steal home.  Runner on third may advance on a batted ball or a walk.

  12. 8U, 9U Division Only – All players must bat.

  13. 8U, 9U Division Only - A batter is automatically out on a dropped / missed third (3rd) strike by the catcher.

  14. 8U – 13U Divisions – Wood or Non-Wood bats may be used.  Maximum bat diameter is 2 ¾ inches.  All Non-wood bats must have a BPF certification of 1.15 or less.  The USSSA logo or name does not have to be on the bat.

  15. 14U Division – All Non-wood bats must have BBCOR .50 certification label on the bat, be 2 5/8 inches in diameter or less, and not more than a differential of 3 between the bat weight and bat length. The USSSA logo or name does not have to be on the bat.